The National Youth Orchestra of Catalonia (JONC) was founded in September 1993 and was first named as Jove Orquestra Simfňnica de Catalunya (JOSC). It was in the year 1999 when it actually got its current name, JONC. Josep Pons conducted the orchestra from its very foundation until 2001, when Manel Valdivieso took over from Pons as JONC’s Artistic Director.

JONC is actually one of the projects of Fundació JONC, whose chairwoman is the Councillor for Education of the Catalan Government. The foundation also counts with a consulting board of 20 important figures from the Catalan cultural and musical scenes, and its President of honour is the President of the Catalan Goverment himself.

JONC’s principal aims have always been to offer a complete orchestral training to the young musicians in our country; to make it possible for the young players to start a professional career, as well as to contribute to the emerging of new publics and its enrichment.
In order to achieve that, we organize very intensive orchestral stages, instrument coaching lectures, radio and television programmes, printed reference materials for different kinds of public, and so on.

Nowadays we can state that JONC has already taken part in the most important music festivals of the country and has played in the most prestigious music halls under the conduction of Josep Pons, Guy van Waas, Ernest Martínez-Izquierdo, Jordi Mora, Manel Valdivieso, Barry Sargent, Jan Caeyers, Robert King, Paul Goodwin, Andrew Parrott, Antoni Ros-Marbŕ, Lutz Köhler and Salvador Mas.


The Orchestra of the Catalan Music Schools (OEMUC), according to the general aims of Fundació JONC, also organizes working stages where orchestral training of high quality is the top priority. OEMUC stages have been thought to complete and add to the good job that music schools are already doing on their side. Music students who want to play in OEMUC must be in the medium level of their studies and not eighteen years old yet.

This orchestra was called JOSC alevina in the very beginning of its existence, but as soon as the foundation was created, it became OEMUC.

From those old days until now, we have been able to notice an increasing precociousness and improving technical skills in these very young players, who have already been conducted by Manel Valdivieso, Alfons Reverté and Jordi Mora.



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